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Upcoming Session:

Thomsett Masterclass: The Art of Stakeholder Management

Date: Thursday, April 28, 2021

Seven Consulting’s Thought Leader, Rob Thomsett provides valuable insight into the win/lose of stakeholder engagement, followed by a valuable discussion on the dynamic world that is stakeholder management.

Rob Thomsett – Seven Consulting, Thought Leader

Past Sessions:

We would like to acknowledge the support of our Seven Consulting team, and other guest speakers whom all ensured to facilitate vibrant, dynamic and engaging sessions

How to Build a Budget Profile for a Major Program

by Michael Bryant – Seven Consulting, Program Director

You need to present a detailed estimate for a major program to Stakeholders for endorsement, but you are not sure how to demonstrate size and complexity to justify cost. During these reviews people often focus on the “how” for delivery, trying to cut back on tasks and resources to lower cost.” Does this sound familiar?

This approach focuses the review on outcomes, enabling stakeholders to determine the scope (outputs) & level of quality they want delivered if they wish to reduce cost. This will move the conversation from the “how” to the “what”.

The session will demonstrate practical tools and techniques used in the development of a business case estimate for a major regulatory program.

Managing Project planning in a virtual World

by Gareth James – Seven Consulting, Managing Director

Regardless of whether the project is being managed leveraging Agile, Hybrid or traditional techniques effective planning is the foundation that good delivery sits on. When our world was forced to quickly move to remote working there were some initial challenges, but these were not as material as the challenges posed by executing on effective planning with remote teams. This session will examine the lessons we have been able to collect this year across agile, hybrid and traditional delivery and is scenarios ranging across fully and partially remote.
We will look at the:

  • preparation required
  • the ground rules need to ensure active participation
  • some techniques that have worked well for project leaders
  • the tools that have delivered the most value

Project Management Case Study: How to bring the FIFA Women’s World Cup to Australia-New Zealand

by Jane Fernandez – Chief Operating Officer Australia, FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia New Zealand 2023 at FIFA

The FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia-New Zealand 2023 promises to be a historic event on multiple levels thanks to the extraordinary team behind the bid that bought the tournament to Australia and New Zealand. Seven Consulting is excited to be hosting a session with Jane Fernandez, General Manger of the FIFA women’s World Cup Bid 2023 who will be presenting a walk through the project’s journey to success, how the challenges faced were overcome, lessons learned and whether those lessons might have a broader application to your projects.

O3 Model

by Mike Stockley – Seven Consulting, Program Director

The 03 Model – Objectives, Outputs, Outcomes. In open forums with all key stakeholders in a room, a single common outcome for the project is agreed. From there desired project Outputs are determined and then Objectives. We have used this approach recently to set up a multimillion dollar investment in a Data Warehouse for a client, in a process which took under 2 weeks from inception to agreed scope and objectives. We would like to share this model with you by way of a case study presentation on how we set our client up for success. We know this will be 90 min well spent.

Optimised Delivery

by Declan Boylan – Seven Consulting, Founder

Agile approaches dominate the project landscape today. Agile implementation has taken many forms, but while there should be a bias towards Agile there is no silver bullet that it is right for all programs.

In this thought-provoking session we will discuss:

  • Strengths and limitations of both Traditional and Agile approaches
  • The project and organisational characteristics to consider when deciding on methodologies for your program(s)
  • How to tool your organisation to optimise program delivery
  • How portfolio reporting should change to reflect an increasingly agile portfolio

Science of New Teams

by Rob Thomsett – Seven Consulting, Thought Leader

The wide-spread adoption of Agile development has brought the role of teams into a sharper focus especially self-directing teams as a core Agile element. However, for most organisations, the focus of Agile tends to be on ceremonies such as stand-ups, retrospective, program increment planning etc. which ignores the more difficult question of how to build and maintain an effective high-performing team. In this Webinar, Rob will present best of breed findings from decades of research into high-performing teams and offer some practical tips for super-charging your Agile and Traditional teams. Building teams is not a “soft” problem and the pay-off is really significant.

Crisis Management

by Alex Massie – Seven Consulting, Program Director

We live in uncertain times and seem to have moved from one crisis to the next. In the past 6 months in Australia, we have experienced drought, the bushfire crises, floods and most recently the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic. This highlights the importance for orgnanisations to be ready to deal with situations previous thought to be extremely improbable.

The objective of this webinar is to provide you with a selection of frameworks, approaches and considerations to help your organisation deal with a crisis situation.

No need to worry, Cloud’s the answer

by Ralph Glatz – Seven Consulting, Former and Alisdair Brown – Seven Consulting, General Manager – VIC

The Cloud is here. Organisations of all shapes and sizes are embracing this new technology. But migrating to the cloud comes with its challenges.

Our consultants are involved in scoping, delivering and reviewing cloud migrations, and we have gathered the learnings into a presentation.

The move to cloud can be successful. However, there are many traps and pitfalls along the way. Some of them are familiar. Our presenters will take you through the security, commercial, regulatory, performance, migration, budget, project and operating cost issues that those moving to the cloud will encounter.

Key Success Factors for Large Agile Teams

by Alex Massie – Seven Consulting, Program Director

Complexities associate with agile delivery increase significantly with scale:

  •  How do multiple self-directed teams all work towards the same goal?
  •  How do many teams prioritise and sequence work, whilst demonstrating value delivered?
  •  How do you keep track of progress without attending 40 standups?”

Seventh Way Tool for Project and Program Delivery

by Declan Boylan – Seven Consulting, Founder

Seven Consulting believe that there is no optimal way to deliver all projects and that the approach should be defined by the project based on the characteristics of both the project and the organisation.

Seven Consulting has been developing tools for supporting our clients delivery for over 5 years and we are now launching our Seventh Way Tool. The tool looks at both of these characteristics by project to determine the following:

  1. Optimal delivery methodology. Traditional , agile or blended.
  2. Risks associated with that methodology and suggested mitigants.
  3. Non Traditional or agile delivery elements required.
  4. Deliverables by phase and stream.

Cyber Security Transformation Program

by Jerry Cobb – Seven Consulting, Program Director and Pieter van der Merwe – Woolworths Group, Chief Information Security Officer

Seven Consulting is working on Cyber Security Transformation Programs for some of Australia’s largest organisations across Retail and Financial Service organisations.

Taking you through how we established Cyber Programs, and some of the common and unique challenges we faced and lessons learned from the experience:

  • Choosing the right delivery method for your transformation.
  • Defining business benefits for Cyber Projects.
  • Working with the PMO when they only know Waterfall methodologies.
  • Reporting on the progress of the Program: Board Level, C level and PMO level.
  • Staffing Staffing Staffing

Transformation Vs Program Delivery

by Gareth James – Seven Consulting, Managing Director

This session focuses on key learnings taken from a wide variety of transformation journeys across FMCG, Financial Services, Telecommunications and Aviation, we will discuss the pitfalls that exist and can erode the teams sense of purpose when the transformation scope is too narrow or when there is a lack of ability to pull on all of the levers available around organizational design technology remunerations partner management and performance management.

Running Successful Compliance programs

by Mike Stockley – Seven Consulting, Program Director

  • How to setup compliance programs to meet demands of regulators, boards, shareholders, community and customers.
  • Customer expectations on compliance standards are dramatically high and board are far more demanding than ever before. The challenges for compliance program mangers have moved to a new level of complexity. Just meeting “minimum standards” doesn’t cut it anymore.
  • Compliance projects differ from regular projects as there is often little choice but to fall into line with externally imposed requirements. Not everyone involved is going to be thrilled about it and consequences of not achieving compliance are far reaching and significant.
  • How should you adapt project structures and project governance in compliance scenarios? What approached work in this environment?

Taking Over Troubled Programs

by Declan Boylan – Seven Consulting, Founder

How to measure your issues and fix if you have just taken responsibility for a troubled program or suspect that one of your current programs is heading into stormy waters, you know you need to act quickly to quantify the current position and to get it back on course. Often the issues start to snowball, and are interconnected, so it’s hard to know where to start. In this session, Declan Boylan, founder of Seven Consulting, discusses how to measure your challenges within days and doing a sustainable reset of the program within weeks.

What are the key metrics that will enable to you to get a view of your position quickly? How do you determine what’s important and get the focus shifted to things that make a difference? How do you then ensure that the program is delivering as expected?

Benefits Management

by Rob Thomsett – Seven Consulting, Thought Leader

Delivering value is central to the agile approaches and yet many organisations don’t have a clear framework for defining benefits, let alone measuring benefits. Understanding the benefits associated with initiatives enable data based decision making for prioritising a backlog and traceability around persists or pivot decisions

  1. Rob Thomsett will provide useful insights and tools for managing Benefits
  2. And Discussions of cultural challenges around behaviours and consequences

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