Project Description

Gennaro Abignano


Areas Of Expertise:

  • Project Management


  • Bachelor of Project Management (Built Environment), University of Sydney

About Gennaro Abignano

Gennaro is a graduate of the University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Project Management and a major in the Built Environment. He has proven work experience which has set the foundations for a career as a Project Manager within the Project Management field.

What Gennaro brings

  • Excellent planning skills.
  • Experience in working within a team.
  • Effective communication and presentation skills.
  • Experience in stakeholder and client management.
  • Strong knowledge of project management fundamentals.

Key Clients:

  • University of Sydney

Key Achievements:

As Junior Intern at ETCHCRAFT, Gennaro gained experience in becoming more effective in client and stakeholder engagement and honed his project management skills. He also utilised Microsoft Office Suite which helped him in performing in his administrative role.

In Gennaro’s final year at the University of Sydney, he undertook the Capstone Program which enabled him to work with a client. Gennaro collaborated with the University of Sydney’s Culture Strategy to establish a project that aimed at encouraging the University to partner with community organisations which would lead to future collaboration. The project aimed at fostering healthy relationships and connections whilst also connecting like minded people to share knowledge and generate discussion. As Project Leader, Gennaro managed a team of five project managers to successfully complete the project which resulted in growing his experience in transferring knowledge into practice and dealing with a variety of stakeholders.

Other Team Members