Project Description

Joanne Sebuc

Joanne Carla S. Sebuc

PMO Consultant

Areas of Expertise

  • Project Scheduling
  • Automation
  • Metrics and Reporting
  • Financial & Resource tracking


  • Bachelor of Fine Arts, Major in Visual Communication Advertising – University of the Philippines (Cum Laude)

About Joanne Carla S. Sebuc

Joanne is a skilled PMO Consultant, who joined Seven Consulting’s Manila practice in 2017 and moved to our Sydney office in 2019. She is knowledgeable in project management tools and techniques.

Joanne brings a wealth of experience in PMO functions such as Project Scheduling, Reporting, Resource and Financial Tracking within the Retail, Banking and IT industries.

Prior to joining Seven Consulting, Joanne held a PMO Analyst role with Accenture and has experience supporting large scale programs.

What Joanne Brings

  • Seasoned PMO Consultant with a track record of delivery across multiple industries such as Retail, IT, Banking and Finance.
  • Broad experience, Process and Project Management from Planning, Tracking to Reporting.
  • Performance Reporting and Communication Management experience.
  • Excellent tools, metrics and automation experience.
  • Ability to engage directly with clients and actively work with the team to promote high performance and successful delivery of project.

Key Clients

  • Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA)
  • Macquarie Group Ltd
  • ABC
  • Lendlease
  • Accenture Inc.

Key Achievements

As PMO Consultant at CBA, Joanne was responsible for providing support to the Project Manager by building project plans and generating metrics reports to help make timely decisions. She created and maintained the resource vs capacity plan for the Testing/Validation team. Joanne was responsible for daily management of team deliverables during Unit Testing and UAT for different projects including documenting Validation Summary Reports and developing standards/processes for Validation and Testing as well as the update/setup of different tools such as JIRA and other automated validation tools. Joanne performed a Defect Analyst role for a System Implementation project. She provided input to specific components in the Test Strategy pack (e.g. High-Level Timeline, Test Schedule, Entry and Exit Criteria, Test Cycle etc). She ensured that the testers had appropriate access to the Test Environment and JIRA and prepared test data and loaded Test Scripts in JIRA for different Sprints. She was responsible in allocating test scripts to execute and tasks to the team depending on the priority and due dates. Joanne generated different reports from the test and actual production environment as well as generated EOD reports based from JIRA. She was accountable for communication, documentation and tracking of defects including facilitation of defect meetings and coordination of defect status.

As PMO Consultant at Macquarie, Joanne was responsible for managing the program RAID log in JIRA. She generated metric reports on risk and issues to gain a current view of the project from Workstream, Leadership to Steerco Level. Her role included monitoring the progress of each RAID item and liaising with the owner to ensure risks and issues were being actively resolved and the information was accurate and up to date.

As Master Scheduler at CBA, Joanne built and maintained two major project plans for Project Oak. ‘Future Proofing’ – the plan encompasses the Future Proofing requirements per workstream to ensure that the current employee entitlements and pay rates were implemented and applied correctly in the GV new system. ‘Delivery Plan’ – the plan encompassed the activities for three delivery components; Communications and Change, HR Direct Database and Payment. The plan captured the interdependencies across these components and ensured that each stakeholder had visibility on any downstream impact with regard to any changes in the plan. With the use of the project plan, Joanne monitored and tracked to completion several drops during project delivery. She provided analysis and recommendation to the project manager and guided them on how to avoid scheduling conflicts. Also, running the daily delivery huddle, Joanne monitored milestone dates and guided the project manager into seeing what task could be done in parallel or re-plan to bring the project back into alignment if the deliverable slipped pass the baseline. She also facilitated stakeholders’ meeting every start of a new delivery drop and reviewed and discussed program interdependencies with key stakeholders.

As Master Scheduler at ABC, Joanne developed and monitored the master schedules for different ABC Metro and regional sites and consistently maintained high health score rate of the schedule at 98.5%. Joanne customised a template that automated report generation of outstanding deliverables per work stream. She ensured the deliverables were on track. Joanne was also responsible for generating and analysing the Dashboard, Plan-on-a-Page and other internal reports and raise significant updates to the PMO lead. As part of the IMS program, Joanne regularly presented to the weekly project meeting and coordinated status updates for Change Management, Cutover, GV, Testing and Technology work streams.

As Master Scheduler at Lendlease, Joanne reviewed program interdependencies and performed weekly analysis of an integrated master schedule delivered by Project managers from different teams. She provided support in managing the schedule of 3 major infrastructure projects migrating and relocating to different data centers. She ran regular weekly meetings and established scheduling standards and methodologies for the program. She also established a report that shows the outstanding activities of the project, milestone delivery and slippage which helped ensured on time and accurate updates.

As PMO Analyst at Accenture, Joanne undertook a number of projects and performed various PMO responsibilities. As a Development Resource Manager, she closely monitored skills development of a team of over 70 people in the functional and technical areas. She ensured the provision of administrative and resource allocation requirements. Joanne participated and contributed to the discussion on priority requirements with the Project Manager and the Engagement Manager by assessing overall capacity picture of the IT team against on-going projects and their priorities. Joanne updated and reviewed the team’s capacity plan on a weekly basis or more frequently as necessary and ensured work was load-leveled across the team members based on resource requests/updates from the Project Managers. She negotiated resource allocations/movements for the team and strictly reviewed/approved leave requests and trainings of project team members; ensured that these were considered in the capacity plan. She also ensured that action items and organisational changes/updates were communicated to teams as necessary. She reserved capacity for the project team and made commitment based on team capacity plan that she tailored and maintained. Joanne also led a small team and contributed to quality reviews. She identified key areas of improvement and developed 30-50 project report templates and automated report validation tools using VBA macro. These report automation efforts lessened chances of rework and ensured accurate financial and metrics reporting. Joanne delivered financial reports for different projects using SAP and other internal financial tools, monitored and coordinated the programme level risks and issues register with the Project Managers and successfully mobilised 3 projects by standardising, defining, implementing and documenting PMO processes for new engagement.

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