Project Description

Zhiyi (Louie) Huang


Areas Of Expertise:

  • Project Management


  • Bachelor of Project Management / Bachelor of Biomedical Engineering (Honours), University of Sydney

About Zhiyi (Louie) Huang

Louie has a double degree in Bachelor of Project Management and Bachelor of Engineering (Honours). He is looking to develop and apply his current knowledge in Project Management.

What Zhiyi (Louie) brings

  • Strong knowledge of Project Management principles and methodologies.
  • Able to work collaboratively with others to form strong positive working relationships with colleagues, clients and contractors.
  • Professional communication skills.
  • Skilled in business data analytics and mind mapping using Visio & PowerBI.
  • Excellent time management and organisational skills.

Key Clients:

  • InvoCare
  • AMP
  • Police Bank
  • SGS Group Australia

Key Achievements:

As PMO Consultant at InvoCare, Louie was involved in the initiation and program setup of several future projects. Louie supported the program director, on scoping, project/program scoping, business process mapping using Visio, high-level scheduling, high-level benefits identification and assisted with stakeholder engagement with several key clients including the GM of EPMO and the CITO. Louie assisted the program director in drafting recommendation, project approaches and next steps for future delivery.

As Review Consultant at AMP, Louie conducted a Post-Implementation Review (PIR) of the AMP Data Loss Protection project. Louie supported the team lead in collating data, reviewing project artefacts, facilitating and organising meetings with various clients including C-level executives and assisted with generating the final report with recommendations for future project delivery.

As Trainee Project Manager at Police Bank, Louie managed multiple projects across different areas of the organisation. He liaised with internal and external stakeholders, procuring assets, engaging in vendor selection, and provided recommendations to the board.

As Intern Project Manager at SGS, Louie implemented business improvement processes for business operations, practicing Lean methodologies.

Project Management Undergraduate Scholarship, University of Sydney.

Scored 2nd place out of 121 students in ENGG3853: Project Risk Management.

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