Project Description

Louigi Gardiola

PMO Consultant

Areas Of Expertise:

  • Project Management


  • Bachelor of Science in Business Management, De La Salle University

About Louigi Gardiola

Louigi joined Seven Consulting’s Melbourne team in January 2021. He is a highly motivated and resourceful PMO Consultant who is a strong communicator with excellent interpersonal skills. 

Louigi has a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from De La Salle University. He enjoys applying his knowledge in Project Management to contribute to the success of projects.

What Louigi brings

  • Ability to work collaboratively in a team environment as well as independently.
  • Strong time management skills with an ability to deliver quality work within tight deadlines.
  • Effective planning and prioritisation skills.
  • Good understanding of project reporting and governance

Key Clients:

  • Macquarie Bank
  • RACT
  • CSR Limited
  • Seven Consulting
  • Shopee Philippines Inc.
  • Calaboo Dairy Co.

Key Achievements:

As PMO Consultant in Macquarie Bank, Louigi was part of Capital End-to-End & Liquidity Future State Design’s PMO Team where he provided all round support to the PMO team. Louigi was responsible for the status reporting process as well as data validation for risks & issues and resource tracking using PMO365 PPM tool. Louigi provided documentation management support as well as minute taking of meetings with key stakeholders. He assisted in the preparation of the Program’s Steering Committee packs including producing high level schedule timeline.

As PMO Support in RACT, Louigi was part of the PMO Team. He was in charge of providing support to the PMO Team in their PMO Uplift engagement. Louigi was tasked with creating a Roadmap of Initiatives which provided a high-level view of RACT’s next steps in their PMO uplift. Louigi was tasked with analysing and reviewing the proposed initiatives and created charts and diagrams to best visualize and present the recommended initiatives by Ease of Implementation and Impact of Change in the organization. He also provided support in administrative responsibilities such as minute taking for valuable Meetings and Workshops with key stakeholders of RACT. Together with the PMO Team, they were responsible for providing a report of findings and recommendations that would bring value to the PMO uplift of RACT.

As PMO Support at CSR Limited, Louigi was part of the Transformation Portfolio PMO Team. He was in charge of conducting the health checks for the Project Teams Sites of the portfolio, this resulted in more consistent and accurate project data across multiple sources. He created the Tools Matrix to assess and resolve project data duplication across the entire portfolio. Louigi also provided Finance support by handling the Invoice & Payment Management process of the Transformation, Technology, and Digital team. This included Purchase Orders, Goods Receipts, and Vendor Invoice Management. He also supported the Resource Management of Transformation, ensuring that the software is being used as intended and ensuring data accuracy and completeness. Louigi also created the PMO Services Site which provided stakeholders with complete access and information of the services that the PMO team provides for Transformation.

As Graduate at Seven Consulting, Louigi completed the Graduate program which is designed to enhance the core Project Management skills amongst the people who are experienced in their individual professional fields. During the Graduate program, he has gained theoretical and practical knowledge on different aspects of project management by going through different sessions and exercises with domain experts. This program has developed his skills and confidence level in using PM tools (like MS Project, JIRA etc), techniques and soft skills. Louigi also had the opportunity to work as shadow senior consultants in actual project environments where he has been exposed to risk, issues, and constraints on a project and better ways to manage them.

As Learning and Development Intern at Shopee Philippines Inc., Louigi created an automated tracker system for the team’s data management which greatly reduced slack time. He also introduced process optimization techniques that increased team efficiency and managed the team’s training essentials through logistics preparation and data tracking.

As Project Management Intern at Calaboo Dairy co., Louigi created a project management manual that served as the company’s guide for volunteers. He also created and executed a training module to instill the necessary information and tools for a reliable, interactive, and sustainable dairy business.

As the Project Head for Sinag: Battle for the Spotlight, Louigi conceptualised and executed an entire fund-raising concert for a local beneficiary. He led the organising team in procuring and communicating with different suppliers such as food concessionaires, musical bands, judges, venues, and technical equipment needed. Through the use of his automated trackers, he was able to streamline the process flow of his organising team very efficiently. From dynamic supplier databases to automated program flows, 3D visual layouts, and a great organizing team, these were the factors that led to the success of Louigi’s project.

As Team Leader for Logistics and Technicals at the 11th Business Management Students’ Convention, Louigi created a 3D booth design and layout to effectively visualize and prepare the booths. He directly operated the technical booths using multiple software and had real-time adjustments to the program flow. Louigi also directed all the manpower of the event to strategic locations and effectively handled the event venue.

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