Project Description

Melody Framp

Senior Change Manager

Areas Of Expertise:

  • Organisational Change Management
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Project Management Methodologies


  • Bachelor of Arts, University of Sydney

About Melody Framp

Melody joined Seven Consulting’s Sydney team in April 2023. She is a highly accomplished and result-driven change professional with a practical understanding of organisational needs. She has excellent stakeholder management skills, can communicate, and influence diverse stakeholders, and possesses exceptional organisational and analytical skills. She has a demonstrated ability to direct projects and make changes that improve efficiency while meeting deadlines.

What Melody brings

  • Effective communication and interpersonal skills that build strong rapport with diverse stakeholders at various levels.
  • Experience with people, process, and culture change in large, complex, multi-year programs.
  • Excellent facilitation and management skills across diverse stakeholders with varying needs.
  • Extensive knowledge of Project and Change Management methodologies.

Key Clients (Change Manager & Network Manager):

  • University of NSW
  • Gymea Bay Care & Leisure Centre
  • Siemens Australia
  • Telstra
  • Transport for NSW
  • NSW Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) (currently known as Roads and Maritime Services RMS)
  • Qld Department of Transport & Main Roads (TMR)
  • Railcorp (now Sydney Trains and NSW Trains)
  • BAE Systems
  • Australian Tax Office
  • NASA

Key Achievements:

As a Change Manager at the University of NSW, Melody managed change across a large and complex organisation undergoing multiple changes to respond to a 10-year strategy. She has experience with multiple faculties and has provided change leadership in a cultural change project. In addition, she designed, conducted, and implemented a change readiness assessment and was responsible for developing and implementing a change strategy and communication plan, building relationships with stakeholders, conducting risk and impact assessments, providing coaching and advice, and managing key resistors to change.

As a Director at Gymea Bay Care & Leisure Centre, Melody was responsible for managing change in a not-for-profit organisation undergoing a period of rapid expansion. She managed a team of 25 staff through a series of change analysis of business processes, systems, and technology to prepare for business expansion without losing quality in performance and ensuring increasing employee adoption and usage of the new systems and procedures. She utilised Hall’s hierarchy of change management to suit the care organisation’s gentle approach to change and the high level of care required for all stakeholders involved.

As a Change Manager Consultant, Melody was responsible for managing change during a transfer of business ownership from a family-owned proprietary company to a large US non-profit professional organisation. She analysed problems, formulated options, and presented solutions offering win-win outcomes. Melody used McKinsey’s 7S model during this change project, as there was a strong sense of shared values amongst the team, and the current staff considered their organisation to be an EOC.

As a Network Manager, Melody was involved in assessing and benchmarking organisational project management capability within large tier 1 organisations. She supported organisational capability managers through assessment, internal and external communications, facilitating workshops, and analysing change requirements. She was also responsible for organising and facilitating a national event program, including event planning and management, and consulting directly with C-suite and senior managers.

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