Project Description

Rinku Razdan

Rinku Razdan

Program Manager

Areas Of Expertise

  • Program Delivery
  • Agile Champion for Digital and Data Transformations
  • Strategy Development
  • Process Improvement
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Finance Models / Trackers
  • Strong Digital and Data Analytics Background


  • Master of Arts
  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Diploma of Systems / Software Development & Management

About Rinku Razdan

Rinku is a leader and skilled Agile Program Manager with a proven record of successful deployment in various medium to large scale programs. Her successful delivery record is complimented by her ability to convert and lead high performing self-organised teams. She has significant experience in banking and finance, technology (specializes in Digital and data transformation), innovation, productivity and lean start-ups demonstrating strong communication and collaborative management skills.

Rinku has successfully implemented Enterprise transformations across various large financial institutions while acting as an Agile coach complimented with her strong drive for data utilisation. Her strong knowledge and passion for Agile, digital and data analytic is often utilised by senior management when drafting strategic roadmaps for market lead capability uplift.

Rinku has delivered a wide range of programs, from complex integration projects like an ATM Refresh to large scale Agile Transformations like Customer Engagement Platform that required centralisation of all distribution channels to cater for unique value propositions for end customers, digital and marketing programs such as Westpac’s Digital and Marketing initiative consisting of 80 FTE ($38m) which delivered an online home landing platform, first to market.

What Rinku brings

  • Strong knowledge and background in Digital and Data Transformation.
  • Lead and transform teams into high performing teams.
  • Analytical thinker and able to make sound decisions under conflicting circumstances.
  • Excellent communications skills with senior stakeholders.
  • Effective execution of Agile practices on medium and large programs.
  • Integrity and commitment to ethical practice, equity and diversity.

Key Clients

  • ASX
  • AMP
  • Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA)
  • Alinta Energy
  • Department of eHealth
  • Macquarie Group
  • Australian Broadcasting Corporation
  • National Australian Bank (NAB)
  • Westpac

Key Achievements

As Technology Delivery lead for Chess Replacement Program (implementing Blockchain as a distributed ledger technology) at ASX, Rinku was responsible for establishing critical foundational framework for a successful final implementation. In this role, Rinku established data strategy involving delivery and usage of production vs synthetic data, also established a data stream which could navigate through 19 environments (test & production) for a successful migration and testing approach. Rinku was also responsible for finalising environments, testing, integrations and other critical elements of the program whilst introducing operational excellent driving good agile practices. As a result, program was able to drive a PI cadence and focus on critical success factors both for external and internal clients. In this role, Rinku had to work in parallel with multiple streams, vendors, internal and external stakeholders to ensure collaboration and buy in for delivery roadmap and key challenges to resolve for success. Rinku was able to draft a Go-to-green plan during early stages and execute within 6 months resulting in key streams like integrations, environments, data and reporting & downstream systems being green. She was acknowledged for navigating a tough and multi-layered stakeholder landscape while focussing on critical issues to drive program towards the success.

As Data Transformation Lead for AMP, Rinku was responsible for defining the scope and delivery cadence of data platform modernisation (DPM). This required discussions at senior levels to identify the ingestion patterns, multiple sources and alignment of raw to source data for creating centralised reporting, insights and analytics. This exercise also highlighted the need for various tools and capabilities that required multi-tier vendor engagement which led to an aggressive vendor contract timeline, out of box thinking to lock in multiple vendors within 10 weeks. Rinku led the team to a successful delivery timeline including identifying scope for vendor pilots and data requirements which would allow to test critical vendor capabilities and any data quality issues needed to be addressed internally. Rinku’s knowledge and experience in data and her ability to translate that into simple language was appreciated at various levels, including the CIO.

As Data Lead for Aligned Advice Business, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Rinku was responsible for creating a data strategy and a framework for all aspects of data for a closing business. This included data within structured and unstructured sources, acceptance criteria, governance framework and future data operating model. The assignment required working with a large set of stakeholders, ranging from entire business, legal, compliance, cyber, privacy, security and Chief Data Office. It also required developing framework and artefacts from scratch as this was the first time CBA was managing data for a closing business. The assignment was complex due to multiple reasons – aggressive timeline, greenfield as no governance or framework existed for closing business, establishing future use and data owner including alignment of data acceptance criteria across a large set of senior stakeholders. The program was delivered under budget and within time with buy in from current and future data owners. Our team was considered to be a high performing team and artefacts adopted for future use.

As Strategy Consultant for Alinta Energy, Rinku was responsible for working closely with the General Counsel, Company Secretary, Chief Operations Officer and Chief Information Officer to ensure Alinta’s scale up strategy aligns to FIRB conditions. Alinta as an organisation is on aggressive growth trajectory, recently acquired by an offshore company. Rinku was responsible for ensuring all the scale and go to market initiatives understood our legal compliance in particular dealing with data transition and storage. This required conversations at the highest level, including senior government officials to ensure a common understanding of scale vs compliance. Rinku successfully implemented 4 strategies – Access Management, Data Privacy, storage and transition, constitutional requirements at the board level and changes to BPO offering. These are currently being executed by Alinta.

As Strategy Consultant for eHealth, Rinku was responsible for drafting workforce strategy including review of current workforce, hire to retire process, salary benchmarking and resource management. Provide guidance, structure and data substantiating the recommendations for future workforce of program delivery within eHealth, adoption of right fit methodology for upcoming projects and effective management of resources through centralisation, talent management, reward & recognition and capability assessments. All recommendations were accepted and currently defining various deliverables to implement within 2-3 years.

As Program Manager for WorkDay – Global HR Transformation program with a complex technology stack. Rinku integrated WorkDay a cloud-based platform to over 100 systems in batch and real time including developing a middle ware. In leading this program, Rinku developed an advanced understanding of HR Process, impact to organisation and intricacies of balancing HR business process to relevant integration stack. Rinku was responsible for actively driving critical success factors like ‘Cutover’ and ‘End to End Testing’ besides the overall operating rhythm.

As Agile Lead and Program Manager for Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), Rinku led HR Transformation through various initiatives which were part of key pillar in the ABC strategy. All initiatives were aligned to the organisation vision with clear metrics redefining the organisational Culture, Leadership Accountability, Learning and Development and introducing technology (Success Factors) to automate process. Some key achievements include rolling out Intranet to 4,500 staff as a primary communication channel – significant uptake within first 6 weeks with over 30,000 hits, training roll out to all level 2 & 3 on ‘Navigating Change’ within an evolving organisation – achieved 98% NPS against a benchmark of 80%, introducing ABC principles – video campaign and various workshops and many more

As Agile Lead and Program Manager for NAB Wealth Customer Remediation Initiative (CRI). As part of CRI, Rinku led Agile Transformation through Wealth Advice, business and technology, Rinku worked closely with business to develop strategy for identifying customers impacted due to poor financial advice. This led to investment into data analytics utilising IBM Watson for propensity modelling to identify customers impacted against key risk indicators. Led a team of 50 resources ($10m) including multiple vendors to drive delivery of data analytics platform effectively showcasing ‘Agile principles’ against changing regulatory requirements/scope.

As Agile Lead and Program Director for Westpac’s Digital, Marketing, and Consumer initiative consisting of 80 FTE ($38m). Rinku led Agile transformation within a large team to deliver online home landing platform, first to market. Worked closely with multiple product owners to drive backlog priortisation whilst training teams on effective sprint delivery and measuring through burn charts. Introduced test automation which led to significant reduction of testing effort. Introduced and trained multiple teams in effective use of Agile Tools – these were rolled out enterprise wide. Successful buy in from senior stakeholders in embedding ‘Ágile’ as the mindset for all future digital and online programs.

As Agile Lead and Program Manager for the Commonwealth Bank – Customer Engagement Program – CEP (‘The Brain’) a high priority, confidential, strategic initiative to centralise banks data analytics platform to allow consistent exchange and display of information through distribution channels. Rinku deployed a successful proof of concept within a short period to provide strategic confidence into the program to all senior stakeholders. Successfully rolled out phase 1 pilot to 3 regions. Team size 80 FTE ($120m).

For Commonwealth Bank, Rinku worked closely with Executives in drafting digital and data roadmaps to continue technology advancements and first to market initiatives.

As Program Manager for Commonwealth Bank’s Cardless Cash Program, Rinku developed the business case and delivered a large complex multilayer integration program (ATM to mobile) within 8 weeks. The program was delivered ahead of schedule, under budget and show cased effective agile techniques including MVP, continuous deployment, self-sufficient teams and burn charts. Team size 40 FTE ($7m).

As Program Manager and accountable for the delivery of CBA / Bankwest ATM Integration program, Rinku led the strategic alignment between CBA ATM Refresh and Bankwest ATM Replacement. As part of this developed a Fleet Renewal strategy working closely with Bankwest Property, Marketing, Compliance and Brand. Team size 80 FTE ($40m).

As Program Manager for Commonwealth Bank’s ATM Refresh Program, Rinku successfully implemented a Fleet Roll Out of 3,500 ATMs on new infrastructure and enhanced capability. Also managed the process for fleet renewal (hardware & software), vendor engagement, and EMV security protocol, seamless integration of a dozen critical initiatives including the implementation of Intelligent Deposit Machines, 24×7 Access for Coin Deposit, ATM Monitoring & Support, Temporary overdrafts, Favorite Withdrawals, Enhanced Security, and Foreign Language. Team size 80 FTE ($182m).

As Program Manager for Retail Workforce Management (RWFM), Rinku deployed a workforce planning system to support the introduction of workforce planning practice responsible for calculating the workload and forecasting of the FTE requirements for 1016 retail branches nationally, totaling $521M in staffing costs in FY15. Within 3 years, the transition identified significant savings (in excess of $40M). Team size 30 FTE ($8m).

As Business & Change Lead for Commonwealth Bank, Rinku led a team of Business and Change Analysts through Agile transformation i.e. shift from ‘Requirements to User Stories’ and deployment through quarterly releases to ‘Continuous Deployment and Change Management’.

As Business Improvement Analyst for Commonwealth Bank, Rinku led the Business Process Improvement and was Manager for Complaints & Disputes, CommInsure. Led centralisation of complaints management including centralised reporting for regulators. Later managed this team for effective resolution of internal and external disputes.

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