Project Description

Through Zhu

Through Zhu


Areas Of Expertise:

  • Project Management


  • Bachelor of Economics
  • Master of Project Management
  • Master of Information System

About Through Zhu

Through has a Bachelor of Economics in International Economics and Trade with a master’s degree in Project Management and Information Systems. She is seeking to utilize her knowledge in both Information Systems and Project Management, and apply it in delivering successful projects.

What Through brings

  • Adaptable and easily fit in for projects with solid project management knowledge frameworks.
  • Ability to work collaboratively in both teams and individuals.
  • Experienced in digital business transformation projects including frameworks, analysis, process redesign and LTC delivery.
  • Skills and experience in several industries including consumption, telecom, and high tech for digital transformation projects.

Key Clients:

  • Semiconductor and Chip Client
  • Electric Power Client
  • Telecom Client
  • High tech Client
  • NetEase
  • PMI Sydney
  • PTV

Key Achievements:

As a management consulting intern at Aon Hewitt, Through optimized initial organizational structure and change management for 3 client companies including semiconductor and chip, electric power and telecom, interviews with client department leaders managed to analyze a large portfolio with the aim of intense delivery. She creates and successfully delivered 50+ page decks for projects.

As COOP student project manager at PMI Sydney working on the USYD capstone project, Through successfully implement an Agile-Waterfall hybrid project from plan to deliverables, led a team of 6, monitor and control the whole life cycle including initial requirements collection, project planning, prototype testing, executing and finalizing; Attracted 20+ people to participate in the event, summarized project related documents and delivered to sponsor, obtained favorable comments and recommendation letters from the project sponsor.

As a project manager intern at NetEase, Through Coordinated with the IT department to build and improve project management ERP system on scheduling and progress management pages for 15+ high-profit game projects; optimized project management processes under the guide of system integration and testing project plan, Gantt chart and project status report.

As a management consulting intern at Accenture, Through worked on a digital transformation project with the client to manage initial analysis research, accumulated industry benchmarking, completed 120+ BU/BG interviews for aligning business and deliverables; And collaborated in business process analysis regarding workflows among 15+ BU/BG, developed waste analysis and hidden value exploration.

As Market Research Fieldworker at EY, Through worked closely with the PM on PTV project direct market research fieldwork, working collaboratively with team members, striving to achieve an assigned quota of an average of 35 per shift; Communicating with an average of 5 team members, 100+ respondents and stakeholders to deliver high-quality data.

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