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Creating Pathways for Women in Project Delivery Series

Seven Consulting is passionate about supporting women in project delivery. Whilst numbers are improving, there are still far more men than women both studying project management and working in the profession, and the gap is even wider in more senior roles.

Gender diversity is a vital part of our workplace culture & is reflected in a number of our ongoing initiatives, including regular reviews of salary packages to ensure equality by role, and a paid project management internship program for CommBank Matildas’ players (Australia’s National Women’s Football team) and the Seven Consulting Opals players (Australian National Women’s Basketball team).

In 2018 we launched the Creating Pathways for Women in Project Delivery Series to empower, educate, inform, and support women coming into the Project Delivery workforce and to encourage women as they build their career. Each Pathways event is focussed on a particular topic ranging from the importance of setting boundaries & realistic goals, to how to deal with conflict; to changing expectations around Project Delivery. The sessions provide a setting for women to discuss their experiences, challenges, insights into their careers and their organisations as well as encourage networking, sharing of diverse ideas and the promotion of inclusivity and equality.

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Upcoming Session:

Imposter Syndrome: What it is and strategies to overcome it

We invite you to our next Creating Pathways for Women in Project Delivery networking event Imposter Syndrome – What it is and strategies to overcome it.

In this Pathways event, Cindy Vandecasteele and Gillian Larkins will share their personal experiences throughout their careers to take an in-depth look on what imposter syndrome is, how it manifests, and strategies for resilience and overcoming it.


Cindy Vandecasteele– Customer Engagement General Manager at Alinta Energy
Gillian Larkins – Former Chief Financial Officer at Perpetual and  ASX Ltd,
MC: Louise Ford – Seven Consulting PMO Practice Lead

Past Sessions:

We would like to acknowledge the support of our guest speakers whom all ensured to facilitate vibrant, dynamic and engaging sessions

The importance of EQ in Project Management

We invite you to our next Creating Pathways for Women in Project Delivery networking event The importance of EQ in Project Management.

Increasingly, modern projects are established in volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous environments. Emotional Intelligence is a skill required for successful project leadership, from coaching, leadership, negotiation, conflict resolution, decision-making, influencing, and people management. Emotional Intelligence, the awareness of our own and others’ emotional state and ability to regulate our emotions in line with our environment, changes our ability to navigate the people aspects of projects. And projects are all about people.

Join our interactive panel with Kestrel Stone and Rob Thomsett to learn more about leading projects successfully through Emotional Intelligence.


 Kestrel Stone – CEO and founder of Elemental Projects
Rob Thomsett – Thought Leader of Seven Consulting
MC: Louise Ford – Seven Consulting PMO Practice Lead

How culture impacts the success of Program delivery and adoption of change.

We invite you to our next Creating Pathways for Women in Project Delivery networking event How culture impacts the success of Program delivery and adoption of change.

Join us in an interactive session with two seasoned panellists, Jacqueline Ross and Lisa Carlin, who will share their expertise and insights on the relationship between culture, project delivery and change. We will explore how organisational culture influences project outcomes and the different challenges and opportunities that different types of culture can bring to managing change.

Connect with industry experts, experienced professionals, and fellow women in project delivery to share experiences, learn practical strategies, and build valuable connections.


Jacqueline Ross – Change Lead Digital Transformation, Healthscope
Lisa Carlin – Transformation & scaleup mentor | Turbocharge your business, culture and digital transformation | Chair of Education NFP, FutureBuilders Group
MC: Louise Ford – Seven Consulting PMO Practice Lead

How to get your life back into balance

Many people find themselves so busy with family, work, and other responsibilities that their schedules and priorities get overwhelming and disorganized. As a result, they may feel stressed, frustrated, and tired.  When your life is feeling imbalanced, it may feel as though you have neglected your needs, values or priorities. Although it may be easy to feel regretful and burned out at that moment, you can still find a way to achieving a sense of equilibrium.

In our next ‘Creating Pathways for Women in Project Delivery’ event, join our experienced panellists, Connie Mckeage and Kyla Tustin, as we explore the importance of integrating the various aspects of life, including work, relationships, health, personal growth, and leisure for a greater sense of well-being and fulfilment. This event will provide participants an opportunity to gain valuable insights, connect with like-minded individuals, and explore new ideas.


Connie McKeage – Non-Executive Director and Chair of the Risk and Audit Committee at Future Super / Strategic Advisor, Seven Consulting
Kyla Tustin – Founder, Executive Coach & Program Creator of The Greate Group
MC: Louise Ford – Seven Consulting PMO Practice Lead

Achieving diversity & equality at work: Why these are so important and yet still so hard

Diversity drives success. Having a wider range of talent can improve your organisation’s effectiveness and profitability by increasing creativity through the generation of more varied ideas and providing broader insights into your clients and potential client base. Having a reputation as a diverse and inclusive employer attracts new talent, as well as cultivating cultural awareness which leads to better workplace relations and higher productivity. However, the practicalities of achieving diversity and equality in the workplace appears to be far more difficult than we expect. Join our panellists Bianca Hartge-Hazelman & Carol Kulik to hear their insights about how far we have come and what more we can all be doing to support progress towards diversity and equality in the workplace.


Bianca Hartge-Hazelman – CEO of Financy and author of the gender equality measurement, the Financy Women’s Index
Carol T. Kulik – Research Professor of Human Resource Management at the University of South Australia, UniSA Business, Centre for Workplace Excellence
MC: Louise Ford – Seven Consulting PMO Practice Lead

Safeguarding Mental Health during Organisational Change

Recent research highlighted a unique link between mental health and organisational change, particularly where change is not managed well. This session will explore what Change Managers and Leaders can do to preserve mental health by taking a contemporary approach to planning and delivering change.


Temre Green, PhD General Manager, Change Management – Seven Consulting
MC: Louise FordSeven Consulting PMO Practice Lead


The Australian Human Rights Commission’s most recent survey (2018) on the national experience of sexual harassment found that workplace sexual harassment is prevalent and pervasive: it occurs in every industry, in every location and at every level, in Australian workplaces. Whilst the survey revealed that more women than men experience sexual harassment, this is not a women’s issue: it is a societal issue, which every Australian, and every Australian workplace, can contribute to addressing.

In this Pathways event Natasha de Silva, Principal of Intersection Pty Ltd, a boutique consulting firm and Dr. Karen O’Connell, Associate Professor of Law at the University of Technology Sydney will talk about leading practice in the prevention of, and response to, sexual harassment in Australian workplaces including insights into the Independent Review into Commonwealth Parliament held last year and what makes workplaces truly safe, inclusive and respectful.


Natasha de Silva Principal of Intersection Pty Ltd
Dr. Karen O’Connell – Associate Professor of Law at the University of Technology Sydney
MC: Louise FordSeven Consulting PMO Practice Lead

Why Digital Transformation is about people and not technology –
How to approach and tips for avoiding common mistakes

When implemented correctly, digital transformation provides an opportunity for organisations to fundamentally change the way they operate. It is this “transformation” aspect that distinguishes it from other general technology implementations. However, many digital transformation projects fail. Why? Because digital transformation isn’t just about technology, it’s about people. Please join us on Sept 8th to hear Lauren Ryder and Stephanie Jensen share their experiences in Digital Transformation; discuss how to approach these types of programs and avoid common mistakes.


Lauren Ryder CEO, Leading Edge Global
Stephanie Jensen – Strategic Projects Manager, Force Fire
MC: Louise FordSeven Consulting PMO Practice Lead

The Power of Talk: Who gets heard and why?

Effective communication isn’t as simple as saying what you mean. How you say what you mean is crucial and differs from one person to the next. In her essay “The Power of Talk,” in 2014, Deborah Tannen described a ‘dual-culture’ tradition in which men and women speak differently and recognised that how we talk, and listen are influenced by gender and cultural experience.  At our next pathways event we will hear from Pippa Downes, Non-Executive Director and Member of Chief Executive Women (CEW) and Emily Edgeley, Public Speaking Coach, discuss their insights and experiences around the power of talk, effective communication and who gets heard and why.


Pippa Downes non-executive member on a number of ASX listed boards; former Commissioner of Sport Australia
Emily Edgeley – Public Speaking Coach for the Technology industry
MC: Louise FordSeven Consulting PMO Practice Lead

What’s Hot in Tech 2022

Technology today is evolving at a rapid pace, accelerating the rate of change just about everywhere. So what does this mean for you? If you’re an IT professional, it means that you need to be constantly learning & adapting to stay current with emerging technologies and latest technology trends and it also means keeping your eyes on the future to know which skills you’ll need in order to keep growing your career. But what are those emerging technologies and future tech trends?  Please join our next Pathways event to hear from our experienced panellists about their thoughts on what’s hot in tech & what are the high-value skills organisations are looking for in 2022 & beyond.


Anne-Marie Birkill – Co-founder, Venture Partner and Director for OneVentures
Danielle Owen Whitford – former corporate executive, founded start up Pioneera
MC: Louise Ford – Seven Consulting PMO Practice Lead

What’s Your Leadership Style?

No matter where you are on your career path, at some point you will likely find yourself in a position of leadership, be it rallying a group of people to find a solution to a problem; taking charge on a project or heading up an entire department! Whilst there are some right and wrong ways to lead, there is no single style that suits everyone. Join Seven Consulting’s Thought Leader, Rob Thomsett, for an interactive session that will delve into different Leaderships Models & discuss different perceptions of what makes a leader “great” that will help you consider the leadership style that best fits you and the goals you are trying to achieve.


Rob Thomsett – Seven Consulting Thought Leader
MC: Louise Ford – Seven Consulting PMO Practice Lead

Moving on up or Moving on out: Career Advice for Women

The workplace has seen a lot of change over the last 2 years. More and more workers are re-evaluating their career aspirations and Employers are reassessing their EVP (Employee Value Proposition). If you’re considering resigning from your existing employer because you’re thinking about career change, not getting the salary or career you want, or you’re just interested in hearing our panel of experienced senior executives share the lessons they have learned when climbing their own career ladders and offer advice around how to ask for a promotion or pay rise and what to consider before taking the step to leave then please join us for our next Pathways for Women in Project Delivery.

Our panel of experienced senior executives, Mirella Robinson and  Cathy Duncan-Ross share the lessons they have learned when climbing their own career ladders and offer advice around how to ask for a promotion or pay rise and what to consider before taking the step to leave.


Mirella Robinson, CITO – Chief Information | Technology Officer @Cbus Super Fund
Cathy Duncan-Ross, Group Head of Business Improvement and Business Services, Lendlease
MC: Louise Ford, Seven Consulting PMO Practice Lead

How to work more effectively with your project sponsor

Working in partnership with the project manager, the Project Sponsor owns the delivery of business change outcomes, and so it is critical to a project’s success that this relationship is based on trust, openness, honesty and transparency. So, what makes a sponsor great? & what should you do if your sponsor is not great, or not delivering on their commitments to the project?

Our panellists for this event, Lisa Fraser and  Kimberlea Dudley have experience dealing with, and being project sponsors, as well as Seven Consulting’s Thought Leader & author of “The Sponsor’s Guide” Rob Thomsett,  will share their stories around the sponsor’s role in a project’s success (or otherwise) and provide guidance and insights about how to work more effectively with your Project Sponsor.


Lisa Fraser, CFO – Banking and Financial Services business group, Macquarie Bank
Kimberlea Dudley, Head of Quality of Assurance – Delivery, Indue
Rob Thomsett, Thought Leader, Seven Consulting
MC: Louise Ford, Seven Consulting PMO Practice Lead

The Power of No: The importance of setting boundaries & realistic goals

Resolving to set boundaries between family, friends, or co-workers can not only fortify existing relationships; it can also be the biggest act of self-care you can do for yourself. But having the confidence to say no and implement boundaries can be difficult. Defining what your boundaries are, why they are important to you and how you are going to implement them will put you in control. At this Pathways event, our panel of experienced leaders will provide their insights into the power of saying no and the benefits of setting boundaries to help you achieve your goals.


Gail Pemberton AO FAICD, Chair and Non-Executive Director, Eclipx (ASX:ECX)
Melanie Kansil, Start-up Founder and CEO, Serena App
MC: Louise Ford, Seven Consulting PMO Practice Lead

Changing expectations around Project Delivery

In an environment of constant change, successful organisations must be able to adapt and implement quickly, demanding more of their Project Delivery Teams than ever before. To be successful PM’s need to be change agents & communication experts, able to respond to uncertainty, handle complexity and work more closely with business leaders to rapidly and incrementally deploy benefits to support the overall business strategy, rather than being process driven and purely focussed on delivering project outputs.

Please join us to hear from a panel of senior leaders in Business Change on their insights into the changing expectations around project delivery & discuss what Project Management & the PMO might look like in the future.


Margaret Wilde, Executive Execution and Enablement at NAB
Tanya Graham, Executive General Manager, Strategic Programs at Healthscope
MC: Louise Ford, Seven Consulting PMO Practice Lead

Resolving Team Conflicts

No matter what the reason is for a team’s existence; teams involve people & people bring different experiences, attitudes, behaviours, and approaches which, along with the work environment, all have an impact on the overall team performance.

Please join our panel of experienced female leaders to discuss their insights around effective team management and provide guidance and lessons learnt on resolving team conflicts and related issues such as holding people accountable, dominant personalities in teams and strategies for dealing with dismissals.


Sheila O’Reilly – Head of Delivery – Service, Operations and Infrastructure at Woolworths Group
Jane Harford – Digital Development Manager at Melbourne Girls Grammar
Louise White – PMO Director at Seven Consulting
MC: Louise Ford – Seven Consulting PMO Practice Lead

Benefits Management

Back on popular demand, a second session on Benefits Management by Rob Thomsett. Seven Consulting’s Thought Leader will provide useful insights and tools for managing benefits end to end.


Rob Thomsett – Seven Consulting Thought Leader
MC: Louise Ford – Seven Consulting PMO Practice Lead

Why Women Make Great Project Managers

There are certain fundamentals to managing or leading projects that will determine your success (or failure) regardless of what industry or environment you find yourself in. Please join our panel of female leaders who are experienced in project delivery to discuss their stories & insights into what are the natural talents that women often possess that make them successful project managers and differentiate them from their male counterparts.


Jacqueline Ross
Caroline Stainkamph
Cathy Baldwin – Seven Consulting Program Manager and Delivery QA lead
MC: Louise Ford – Seven Consulting PMO Practice Lead

Agile vs. Traditional Delivery

In this session, Gareth James, Seven Consulting’s Managing Director, will look at both Agile and Traditional delivery to provide a broad understanding of the delivery spectrum.

Specifically, we will look at:

  • The strengths and limitations of both Traditional and Agile approaches
  • The project and organisational characteristics when deciding on methodologies and governance.
  • How reporting should change to align to the delivery approach chosen.


Gareth James – Seven Consulting, Managing Director
MC: Louise Ford – PMO Practice Lead – Seven Consulting

The impact of Coronavirus on our Working Practices.

The Coronavirus pandemic has impacted us as indivisuals, as a societs and as a workforce. When restrictions finally ease some things will go back to the way they were, but there will be lasting changes, which will alter the way we think about about and behave at work. In April we looked at how we can be most effective whilst working from home. Our next Pathways panel of felame leaders will focus on what changes to working practices have been brought by Covid-19 such as how we interact, learn, behave & even dress for work & provide insights into the pros and cons and whether these are temporary or a more permanent change.


Michelle Bendschenider – Executive General Manager, Privacy and Cyber Technology – Commonwealth Bank
Anni Minassian – IT Director – Corporate Systems & Program Management – Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC)
Barbara Read – Program Manager – Seven Consulting
MC: Louise Ford – PMO Practice Lead – Seven Consulting

How to Grow Your Influence

When working in any role within a project or program effective communication is a core skill; not only to achieve your goals but also to build relationships and grow your influence. In this pathway session our panel of senior executives will share their experience & insights on effective communication styles to different audiences, speak with confidence and increase your success rate of being heard and understood, particularly in a male environment.


Anne Garlick – Group Lead, Technology Governance and Control – Westpac
Noelene De Villiers – Head of Planning & Business Improvement – Big W
MC: Louise Ford – PMO Practice Lead – Seven Consulting

Powerful Presentations

Presenting new ideas, proposals and plans successfully to a diverse group of people is an essential skill for any successful project manager. In this Pathways session, Rob will give you some simple, proven and engaging ideas on how to design, tailor and present you and your ideas aligned to your message and audience.


Rob Thomsett – Thought Leader – Seven Consulting
MC: Louise Ford – PMO Practice Lead – Seven Consulting

Working from Home – The New Normal

How do we most effectively do our jobs from home and stand out in these trying times? Our panel of experienced executives give insights and tips into how you can best work from home, keep your boss, customers and team happy and keep your sanity.


Margaret Wilde – Programme Director Consumer – NAB
Fiona Porter – Head of PMO – Linfox
MC: Louise Ford – PMO Practice Lead – Seven Consulting

Change Management

Successful transformations are entirely dependent on effective change management. With organisations needing to evolve rapidly and embrace evolving technologies such as AI and new automation methods, the impact of change on people and processes is significant. We have two of the leaders of this change management capability to present their approach, insights and take your questions.


Jackie Ross – Retail Change Lead – Alinta Energy
Tanya Chesher – Organisational Change Manager – CBA
MC: Louise Ford – PMO Practice Lead – Seven Consulting

Benefits Management

In this provocative and challenging session Rob Thomsett will provide insights and tools for managing benefits end to end


Rob Thomsett – Thought Leader – Seven Consulting
MC: Nadja Schulze – PMO Manager – Seven Consulting

Building A Great Team

Kylie, Connie and Louise will provide insights into their careers, building great team cultures​ in their organisations and the challenges they have encountered along the way.


Connie McKeage – OneVue
Kylie De Courtney – NSW Telco Authority
MC: Louise Ford – PMO Practice Lead – Seven Consulting

Leaning In

Panelist will provide insight into their journey into leadership positions & offer advice & encouragement to “lean in”.


Jacqui Visch – AMP
Kathleen McKay – Revenue NSW
MC: Louise Ford – PMO Practice Lead – Seven Consulting

Power and Influence

Rob Thomsett will introduce you to two simple models of power and influence, the session will change you to contemplate how you can more effectively use power and influence to help achieve your goals.


Rob Thomsett – Thought Leader – Seven Consulting
MC: Caroline Kerridge – PMO Director – Seven Consulting (FORMER)

Stakeholder Management


Hanlie Botha – Ausgrid
MC: Caroline Kerridge – PMO Director – Seven Consulting (FORMER)

Scaling Agile

Two of Seven Consulting most senior agile leaders, will present on how to apply agile practices to large programs.


Rinku Razdan – Program Director – Seven Consulting (FORMER)
Ankur Agrawal – Program Director – Seven Consulting (FORMER)

Building a Career Plan Panel Discussion


Hugh Harley- Strategic Advisor – Seven Consulting
Jenni Smith
MC: Louise Ford – PMO Practice Lead – Seven Consulting

Lunchtime Learning – Project Management session with the Matildas

At Seven, we have been focused on looking at ways to address the balance of representation for women in IT.  We have set up a number of pathways sessions for any women who want to start or develop their career in project delivery.  As part of our Matildas Sponsorship, Seven Consulting is supporting a number of the Matildas squad with a paid internship in Seven Consulting.  Learn from the Matildas what it Is like to start a new career in project management over an informal lunch discussion.


Elise Kellond- Knight  – Matildas
Tameka Yallop – Matildas

Seven Secrets of Project Management

Declan will explore some of the less common techniques that have helped Seven Consulting attain over 99% customer satisfaction while delivering over $3bn of programs annually


Declan Boylan – Founder – Seven Consulting

Discrimination in the Workplace and How to Deal With It


Alicia Aitken – Head of Investment Management and Delivery – ANZ
Tanya Graham – Enterprise Program Director – Alinta Energy
Margaret Gilbert – Program Director – Seven Consulting
MC: Barb Read – PMO Manager – Seven Consulting

How to Have a Career and a Family Panel Discussion

How did other women navigate through the work environment minefield to become more senior representative? ​What choices did they make / not make?​ What would they do differently if they had the chance to do it over again?


Debbie Taylor – Executive General Manager for Technology Design & Delivery – NBN
Lee Ward – Senior Executive / VP for – Unisys, EDS, IBM
Jody Weir – Head of Agility – The Iconic
MC: Rinku Razdan – Program Manager – Seven Consulting (FORMER)

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