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Graduate Program

To strengthen the future of project management, Seven Consulting commenced their graduate program in 2019 for aspiring program management graduates who share our vision of delivering critical programs successfully in a way that inspires confidence, enhances transparency and empowers teams.

Working closely with Seven Consulting’s Senior Leaders, graduates will learn the end to end cycle of Program Management and start to work in PMO and Project Management roles. The successful graduates will be working at some of Australia’s largest organisations, delivering some of their most critical programs.

The graduate program is an excellent opportunity to join Seven Consulting and be part of our continued growth and success.

Applications for the Graduate Program is open.
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Graduate Program Goals

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What Our Graduates Say

Seven Consulting’s Graduate Program is great because it is well designed to set us up for success. We are given numerous opportunities to nurture our project management fundamentals with the vast knowledge repository, multiple learning sessions, and bench work for different consultants. We are also provided with a lot of support in order to fit our knowledge, skills, and experience on the assignments we are given. From schedule maintenance and monitoring, to document management, and even tool testing, the Graduate Program ensures that we would have successful career moving forward.

Louigi Gardiola, PMO Consultant

What makes the program one of the best is both the challenging and nurturing aspects of it, by allowing the graduates to test their limits and deepen their knowledge while having the best delivery professionals in the field as support. Besides relearning project management fundamentals, we had opportunities to engage, learn, and assist leading delivery professionals, which allowed us to build a foundation of knowledge based both on experience and theory. Additionally, we had opportunities – ones I didn’t expect to have – to apply these fundamentals into actual project outputs, paving the way to learning tools essential for project delivery (e.g. Jira and MS Project) and work shadowing opportunities. In my first role, I was tasked to assist a project manager in updating project governance documents, to provide updated governance processes and standards essential for delivery. With that said, Seven’s graduate program exhausts all possible sources for us graduates to fully grasp aspects of successful project delivery, while adhering to Seven’s core values.

Julia Justo, PMO Consultant
Syed Saad

The Graduate Program at Seven is a great opportunity for anyone who’s looking to gain valuable experience in Project Delivery and PMO roles. Being the first class of graduates at Seven, we spent the first couple of months learning fundamental project management concepts and methodologies, working on our hard and soft skills and engaging in numerous training and mentoring sessions with senior consultants as well as with the CEO. To say the least, it was steep learning curve, with constant challenges and assessments, but it really paid off when we were sent out to work on real projects.

It was 3 months after starting at Seven when I was assigned my first project at AMP Life, where Seven was engaged to help uplift the delivery PMO for their Separation portfolio. I was working alongside two senior consultants which was extremely helpful since I got the right level of support and guidance to help me fulfil my responsibilities and make sure I was delivering to the required standard. Most of work was around creating new templates for the delivery team which included the PMP, Business Case and PIRs as well as optimising the existing processes for Change Control and Risk Management etc. I was also responsible for creating a Finance Tracking tool for the portfolio with embedded dashboard capability which was expected to be the single source of truth for portfolio financials to help with reporting of KPIs such as ETC, EAC and Variance. Upon positive feedback, I was asked to create a similar tool for Resource tracking to assist with better forecasting and enabling transparency regarding over and under allocations.

Although there many lessons to be learnt, the biggest one was to make sure that we understood the problem that we were trying to solve, the value that we were expecting to derive from the solution, and having necessary controls in place to help gauge and track the team’s performance as we progressed.

After close to 15 months in the company and having worked with 4 different clients, I can proudly say that Seven was the best choice that I could have made to start my career in Project Management and I’m extremely grateful to the leadership and the whole team for their immense support throughout this journey.

Syed Saad, Snr PMO Consultant

I am enjoying Seven’s grad program so much. It was really good that Seven took time to reintroduce us to the project management fundamentals to fill any knowledge gaps we had coming from different academic backgrounds. I’ve learnt so much in the first 3 months from tools to concepts, some of which I was completely unfamiliar with before joining, like Jira. We’ve got a great facilitator with a wealth of knowledge who puts in effort to ensure I understand concepts. Assisting with a project management review as my first engagement was the perfect way to consolidate my knowledge and apply everything Seven’s taught me so far. In the role I supported a PMO Manager in reviewing a client’s project management framework and providing recommendations to ensure its fit for purpose in IT projects.

Chika Nnadiekwe, PMO Consultant

Seven Consulting is a great company with a big presence In the tech consulting space. I really enjoy working for the company as I believe in their values and can see a bright future for myself here. I am grateful that Seven places such an emphasis on my personal and professional development which is extremely dear to me.

The graduate program I recently completed was very well structured in terms of the learning takeaways. Cathy who led the program has a fantastic ability to lead and instruct individuals. I have taken away more from this program than I have in my University studies and have been able to successfully apply this on my engagements. The activities were well designed and covered the main aspects that a PMO is responsible for. I would highly recommend this program for any new starters to the project management world who want to get a kickstart on their career.

Nik Eric, PMO Consultant
Marianne Dinsay

Working with Seven Consulting has been a constant journey of growth and development. The Graduate Program was a great start for me as it introduced and immersed me in project management concepts and disciplines that I am able to take with me in client engagements. I had minimal background in project management, but I was provided tips and tools by wonderful people who were responsive and willing to help in any way they can with whatever I needed. The best part is that I got to go through this program with like-minded and fun individuals. Whether it be working on deliverables together or playing a round of games after a day’s work, my batch of graduates was a great support system throughout the program. Overall, it was a challenge, but definitely not impossible with all the guidance I was given.

Marianne Dinsay, PMO Consultant
Matthew Knight

The quality of the graduate program at Seven consulting was a major reason for my decision to join them at the start of 2022. The amount of individualized training and development I received particularly during my first 6 months I believe is unrivalled in any other project management consultancy. Whether it’s the founder having weekly catch-up with the graduates or the thought leader celebrating and wanting pictures of my graduation. Seven has quickly provided an environment that supports and fosters learning and where I feel comfortable asking questions and making mistakes.

While Seven consultants are spread out across several different industries and companies’ social events were held every few months helping me to feel a part of the team and get to know the other consultants. I am very appreciative of all the development that I’ve had here at Seven consulting. I would encourage anyone who is interested in this type of work to explore what opportunities are available.

Matthew Knight, PMO Consultant
Audrey Teh

I am grateful for this opportunity. Below are few of the benefits that comes with Seven Consulting Graduate program:

  • The opportunity to meet with the Founder, Declan, weekly to talk about project management topics and his personal learnings/experiences
  • Get to refresh our learnings on project management by reading, performing activities, and daily discussions with the Graduate Program Manager
  • Gain experience on a client with support from Seven Consulting with regular QA sessions and also great seniors
  • Masterclass from our very own thought leader, Rob Thomsett
  • Opportunity to take up the SAFe certificate with in-house training
  • Career development is defined and discussed clearly
  • Meet with senior consultants/program managers to discuss a day in their life
Audrey Teh, Graduate, 2022
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