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PM Plug-ins Video Series

4.2 Related Projects
4.3 Win/Lose
6.1 Outcomes
6.2 O3- Objectives, Outputs, Outcome
6.3 O3 Advanced Concepts
O3 Advanced Concepts

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    1 Introduction
    2 Overview
    3 Whole-of-life
    4 Managing stakeholders4.1 Stakeholder Scan4.2 Related Projects4.3 Win/Lose4.4 Win/Lose Example
    5 Clarifying Project Success5.1 Sponsor Brief5.2 Success Sliders5.3 Success Sliders 25.3 Success Sliders example
    6 Project Scope O36.1 Outcomes6.2 O3 - Objectives, Outputs, Outcome6.3 O3 Advanced Concepts6.4 O3 Considerations
    7 Managing Benefits7.1 Benefits Principles7.2 Benefits Scan7.3 Benefits Plan7.4 Benefits Considerations
    8 Quality: A deep dive8.1 What is quality?8.2 ISO Standards and Quality Agreement8.3 Impact of Quality Agreement
    9– Risk: An integrated perspective9.1 WOL Risk Management Framework9.2 Risk Management tools9.3 Impact of project and other risk models
    10 Development Strategies
    11 Estimation Tips
    12 RAPid Planning (RAP)12.1 The Pre-RAP12.2 The RAP Process12.3 Mini-RAPs and other variations
    13 People: the really hard stuff13.1 Sources of power13.2 Influence Styles13.3 How to measure team health
    14 5 Key PM Learnings