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Key Clients

Seven Consulting works with some of Australia’s largest organisations on some of their most critical programs.

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Client Satisfaction Survey

Seven Consulting is always looking to improve our effectiveness, and in turn, the value we offer our clients.

One of the tools we use to measure our success is through the completion of Customer Satisfaction surveys. We conduct these surveys on a six-monthly basis, both on the individual consultant and on how Seven Consulting is performing as a partner.  

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What Our Clients Say

Just got off a call to Joanne Sebuc (in your Manilla office). I was wanting to convince myself that the team in Atlanta were genuinely leveraging the power of the scheduler in the way they are making decisions on the project. (not just keeping an up-to-date schedule) Very pleased. ☺

Bob Hennessy, CIO, Lend Lease
National Australia Bank

“Very professional, great consulting skills. Always quality and on-time delivery.”

National Australia Bank

“With Seven also managing the IMS project so well it is clear that you only recruit PM’s that are the best in the business.”

Australian Broadcasting Company

“People on the project from Seven Consulting are determined to deliver on time, and they have their priorities straight. They understand the process of delivery in every aspect of the project. Very determined people.”

Lend Lease

“Firstly Seven genuinely care for their staff and the success of the assignments they take on. This adds to project delivery success. In addition I really appreciate the additional support and expertise they have provided me with independent of the two staff members assigned.”

BNP Paribas

“Great value for service – Seven’s partnership culture, part of the team not just a consultant​.”


“Strong delivery from Consultant – a very likable person too! The Consultant keeps both internal and business team on track. Very personable, friendly and reliable.”

National Broadband Network

“Seven consulting has capable and talented resources. Professional service.”

National Australia Bank

“We’ve had two PM’s from Seven and both have been key to the delivery of the projects. No frills, no fuss, just good, honest and consistent project delivery.”


“Very professional manner.”

Australian Broadcasting Company

“Communication, Integrity, Excellent Engagement. Brings everyone together to ensure the right outcome is delivered.”

St Vincents Health Australia

“All the Seven Consulting team members I’ve worked with have been professional and effective. Based on current staff, I would not hesitate in recommending Seven Consulting.”


“There is no concern about the quality of consultants from Seven and you are assured that they will be professional and competent.”

Commonwealth Bank of Australia

“I have worked with several Seven Consultants and there is a definite consistency to the service delivered, which is exceptional.”


“Seven Consulting has provided the services we needed in order to get a significant program of work not only back on track but to a level of performance that is exceeding expectation.”

The Department of Justice

“A very professional and competent approach and delivery.”

The Salvation Army
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Case Studies

Please explore this selection of projects completed by Seven Consulting