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About Seven

We are a team of delivery professionals providing Project, Program and Change management consultancy services. Our clients primarily engage us to take responsibility for program delivery, program office management and/or end-to-end change management. We also provide related services such as external program reviews, delivery capability uplift or advisory for pre and post change implementation. Our track record is consistently over 98% customer satisfaction. Our clients trust us. Our first clients are still trusting us with their most important projects and programs. Every client since inception is a reference site for Seven Consulting. We believe this to be a unique success story and are happy to share our complete list of clients/references, because it’s the same list.

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Our Values

Seven Consulting recognises that whilst each client’s program is different, a number of common principles can be applied. These principles are our core values:

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An Introduction to Our Team

We only hire the top 10% of program, project delivery and change management professionals through a rigorous recruitment process and we ensure that they adhere to the values and practices that deliver successful projects for our clients.


We strive to create an environment where Australia’s top delivery professionals are provided with challenging work and are supported and rewarded in line with their achievements. We carefully recruit, hire and invest to retain only the top 10% of delivery professionals. To support this, we have a unique recruiting process that assists us in identifying the real achievers as opposed to the well-presented but less substantial candidates. We hire individual practitioners because we believe in them, not because we have a specific client role.

Creating a direct alignment between client satisfaction and consultant appraisals has helped us drive the right outcome for our clients. We also believe in the health of our consultants through work/life balance by ensuring they are not overworked for long periods of time. We do not post resources outside of their home city for longer than a week or two unless mutually agreed.

More than 95% of our team members are permanent employees, with an average tenure of over 4 years.