Project Description

Matthew Knight


Areas Of Expertise:

  • Project Management


  • Bachelor of Project Management and Bachelor of Engineering Honours (Biomedical), University of Sydney

About Matthew Knight

Matthew has a Bachelor of Project Management and a Bachelor of Engineering Honours (Biomedical) from the University of Sydney. He is seeking to utilise his knowledge in Project Management and apply it in delivering successful projects.

What Matthew brings

  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Experience working in fast-paced teams as a leader and team member.
  • Outstanding problem-solving skills.
  • Strong critical thinking skills.

Key Clients:

  • The University of Sydney
  • CleanSpace Technology

Key Achievements:

As a student at The University of Sydney, Matthew came 1st out of 102 students in Project Cost and Finance with a mark of 95%. The unit involved assessing the financial viability of large projects and monitoring their progress. In this unit, Matthew successfully applied a range of financial techniques including Benefit to Cost Ratio, Economic Value Added, and Sensitivity Analysis.

As a student at The University of Sydney, Matthew came 1st in Legal Aspects of Projects with a mark of 97%. The unit involved determining the best approach for projects in highly regulated environments. Here Matthew was able to consistently produce quality reports and recommendations throughout a range of different industries.

As a student at The University of Sydney, Matthew came 3rd in Agile Project Management with a mark of 90%. Here Matthew learnt the strength of Agile Management in adapting to dynamic environments through collaboration and teamwork.

As a student at The University of Sydney, Matthew was placed on the Dean’s List of Excellence in Academic Performance averaging 86.7% in 2021.

As Manufacturing and Design Engineer, Matthew Created a tool using excel to assess the manufacturing efficiency of COVID19 Respirators at CleanSpace Technology. Matthew then analysed this data and used it to suggest changes and improvements to the manufacturing line and equipment.

Attained a Certified Scrum Master Qualification through Scrum Alliance gaining an appreciation of Servant Leadership and its effectiveness as a management style.

Other Team Members