Project Description

Audrey Teh

Audrey Teh

PMO Consultant

Areas Of Expertise:

  • Project Management


  • Bachelor of Commerce – University of Melbourne,
  • Master of Project Management – RMIT University

About Audrey Teh

Audrey is a skilled and versatile PMO Consultant with experience in various sectors, including government and finance. She has successfully delivered complex projects with robust frameworks, effective communication, and data-driven analysis. She is passionate about optimising project delivery and creating value for clients and stakeholders.

What Audrey brings:

  • Proficient in using various PM tools, such as Jira and MS Project.
  • Knowledge in Agile methodology and Scrum.
  • Skills in Data analytics.
  • Excellent leadership and communication skills.
  • Experience collaborating with multiple international teams distributed geographically.

Key Clients:

  • VicRoads
  • City of Melbourne
  • Rural Fire Services
  • BNP Paribas
  • Seven Consulting
  • Country Fire Authority

Key Achievements:

As an EPMO Analyst at VicRoads, Audrey played a crucial role in establishing an effective EPMO. She supported the provision of robust frameworks and project management templates for Project Managers, fostering consistency and cultivating a center of excellence. Additionally, Audrey assisted Project Managers in utilising Jira by integrating the latest status updates.

As a PMO Consultant at City of Melbourne, Audrey supported the PMO Director in reviewing the Technology Delivery Practices of the organisation. She was involved in conducting comprehensive analysis of project management practices to identify strengths and areas for improvements and developing actionable recommendations to optimise project delivery. Audrey played a key role in preparing detailed status reports to inform all stakeholders of project progress. In addition, she facilitated RAID management to proactively identify and manage potential project risks.

As a Business Analyst at Rural Fire Service, Audrey was engaged in the White Fleet Enhancement Program to provide consulting services to assess the organisation’s Fleet Maintenance model. Audrey utilised SAP to analyse the organisation’s fleet data and developed a cost model based on vehicle criteria. Audrey captured the As-Is workflow for the Fleet Purchase to Sale process, identifying pain points and prioritising areas for improvement.

As a PMO Coordinator at BNP Paribas, Audrey supported her Program Manager in uplifting of the Fezziwig program. This program involved the development of a new data source management service for a key client. Audrey was responsible for monitoring the program governance activities, which encompassed status reports, document management, backlog administration, meeting facilitation, etc. Furthermore, Audrey provided support and guidance to the Change Team, assisting in their preparation for the post-program transition to BAU mode.

As a Graduate at Seven Consulting, Audrey completed the Graduate program which is designed to enhance the core Project Management skills amongst the people who are experienced in their individual professional fields. During the Graduate program, she has gained theoretical and practical knowledge on different aspects of project management by going through different sessions and exercises with domain experts. This program has developed her skills and confidence level in using PM tools (like MS Project, Jira etc), techniques and soft skills. Audrey also had the opportunity to work shadow senior consultants in actual project environments where she has been exposed to risk, issues, and constraints on a project and better ways to manage them.

As a Project Manager at Country Fire Authority, Audrey assumed responsibility for overseeing the planning, management, and execution of the Expertise Collection Project, ensuring its successful completion within the designated timeframe. In this capacity, she engaged in extensive liaison with 21 districts to conduct interviews. Additionally, she conducted research into potential enterprise software solutions and corresponding licensing agreements. Audrey’s contributions also included the development of a comprehensive Excel list, which was subsequently integrated into the organisation’s Contact Search Engine.

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