Project Description

David Johnson

David Johnson

Program Director

Areas Of Expertise

  • Waterfall and Agile Program Management experience focusing on large scale System Establishment, Replacement and Integration


  • Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) – since 2005
    SAFe SPC 4.5 (2017) Certified

About David Johnson

David is an experienced Program Director, joining Seven Consulting’s Sydney practice in 2009. He has a proven track record in managing large and complex Business and IT projects to schedule, quality and cost. David has successfully managed whole systems replacement and outsourcing projects.

He has over 30 years’ experience in managing change in both Federal and State Government organisations together with some of Australia’s largest finance institutions.

What David brings

  • Extensive experience in waterfall, agile and mixed Project delivery with the ability to handle either business or technical roles and functions.
  • The ability to put in place structures and governance to hold technical and business delivery teams to account.
  • Demonstrated ability establishing strong relationships between Clients and Suppliers.
  • Widespread problem solving and analytical skills.
  • Established experience in managing large numbers of staff in an operational production role.
  • Strong design and development background delivering enhanced value to clients.

Key Clients

  • NBN Co Limited
  • Macquarie Bank
  • Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA)
  • Hewlett Packard
  • Colonial Services
  • Colonial State Bank
  • State Bank
  • EDS Australia

Key Achievements

Working with the NBN Co Limited Finance General Manager and Product Owners, David put in place Governance controls and measures to manage monthly technical delivery code drops to handle payment obligations under new Supplier contracts. This function included staff mentoring and coaching in project delivery.

As Program Manager and Coach for NBN Co Limited, David ran an Agile Release Train (ART) tasked with delivering a key Finance Program with scope aimed at enabling data accuracy, controls, and assurance across payments at scale. As well as delivery responsibilities the role included lead accountability for synchronizing the ART outcomes into the Corporate PMO Function.

As Program Lead for NBN Co Limited, David ran an Initiative that was tasked with recovering a failing Project by creating a re-plan and approach together with securing funding to deliver the remainder of the program scope via an Agile Release Train (ART) based on the SAFe methodology of delivery.

As Capability Lead for Macquarie Bank, David led the Project that established and deployed an end to end Payments Solution focusing on integration and uplift of a SAP Product offering to provide Mortgage functionality.

As overall Release Lead for Macquarie Bank, David had responsibility for a Core Banking Transformation Program aimed at delivery of Retail Home Loan capability on SAP. Accountability was across 8 workstreams delivering both Business and Technically focused outcomes.

As Program Manager for the Commonwealth Bank, David had responsibility for the Technology approach, plan and estimate for the Project tasked with refactoring the Payments Landscape (both software and infrastructure).

As Program Manager for the Commonwealth Bank, David led the team in the creation of the Technology approach and estimate for the Banking Industry’s Faster Payments.

As Program Manager for the Commonwealth Bank, David led the team in the creation of an end to end solution for staff assisted payments in a major Australian Bank. A 30 month Program focused on implementing a new technology stream across a development and testing team of more than 200 staff located in 2 countries.

As Program Manager for the Commonwealth Bank, David managed the team that had responsibility for the integration of a Business Channel portal thru a Payments Hub thru to SAP. An 18 month Project with responsibilities for over 70 development and testing staff across multiple suppliers. An ambitious project, on new technologies, that satisfied its performance and quality stretch targets.

As Deployment Lead for the Commonwealth Bank, David as part of the Core Banking Modernisation Project led the successful implementation of 8 releases covering 80 different systems over a 12 month period. The key focus was the implementation and integration of SAP Software and related Infrastructure that culminated in the migration of over 10 million accounts.

As IT Program Manager for Hewlett Packard, David led the team with responsibility for the creation of a Debit Card solution for a major Australian Bank. Responsible for 8 Project Managers and 85 development staff across three countries. Program was delivered successfully to a compressed ambitious schedule under budget and satisfying all quality objectives.

As System Lead for EDS, David successfully project managed quarterly releases to a large and complex Banking system that processed more than 10 million transactions daily for more than 5 million accounts. These projects were full development lifecycle and involved managing work across three time zones for this critical system.

As Program Manager for EDS, David over a period of 18 months managed the On Line Interface Work stream across three countries as part of the Cards Processing capability establishment in the Asia Pacific Region. The work stream achieved all budget, quality and time obligations.

As Program Manager for EDS, David project managed a System Development Project that was included in the successful Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) Level 3 accreditation Audit and review.

As a member of the Senior Management Team for Colonial Services, David coordinated the integration of all Trust Bank of Tasmania Banking systems into the Colonial Group Systems.

As Program Manager for State Bank NSW, David project managed the creation of a centralised Loan Document Centre. At the completion of this successful project was then appointed Senior Manager of the centre with responsibilities for 300 staff working three shifts over seven days a week.

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