Project Description

Eliza Johnson

Eliza Johnson

Senior Change Associate

Areas Of Expertise:

  • Organisational Change Management
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Analysis and Project Management


  • Bachelor of Psychology: Honours (First Class), Macquarie University

About Eliza Johnson

Eliza combines her psychology background and change management skills to lead successful organisational transformations. She is regarded for her critical thinking, curiosity, and ability to align people and culture with strategy, resulting in innovative and solution-focused outcomes. She joined Seven Consulting’s Change Management team in Sydney in July 2023.

What Eliza brings

  • Demonstrated experience in change, social impact, and organisational development projects.
  • Quantitative and qualitative data analysis to drive successful staff adoption and organisational transformations.
  • Critical analysis and problem-solving to tackle complex challenges.
  • Curiosity and adaptability to devise innovative, data-driven solutions.
  • Skills and experience in change management, social impact, and project management.

Key Clients:

  • Alinta Energy
  • The Wayside Chapel
  • Gidget Foundation Australia

Key Achievements:

At Alinta Energy, Eliza delivered a Community Development Program business case for a $6 million investment in positive change for hardship customers. Through extensive stakeholder consultation and workshop facilitation, Eliza shaped the program’s direction to ensure financial feasibility and strategic alignment. Eliza employed analytical methods, such as weighted scorecards, to select partners for the program, develop the target operating model and create an efficient future state workflow.

At Alinta Energy, Eliza delivered the Change Sustainability Plan, which integrated human-centred design principles and focused on embedding long-term changes across Alinta Energy’s operations. Key stakeholder insights and feedback were embedded into the Change Sustainability Plan, alongside performance measures and tracking mechanisms, which were essential for continuous monitoring and program success.

At The Wayside Chapel, Eliza had a blended responsibility across project management, change management and governanceEliza delivered successful change management initiatives that streamlined onboarding processes and improved supervisor capabilities and cultural awareness for the student placements and the Aboriginal Cultural Liaison project. Through internal consultation, design thinking principles, and an end-user-focused approach, she increased team member engagement and accountability by 30%. This strategic change significantly bolstered the capabilities of three teams comprising 62 staff members. After identifying an opportunity to improve project governance structures, Eliza analysed the current state, conducted needs assessments and surveys, identified skill gaps and converted these into a project sponsorship training framework. Her recommendations gained senior management’s support and improved sponsor engagement and project delivery.

As Project Coordinator at The Wayside Chapel’s Primary Health, Eliza was crucial in establishing an onsite clinic. She developed processes, including referral pathways, which merged new systems with existing workflows. Presenting a persuasive business case to the board, her efforts led to 50 clients experiencing homelessness per year accessing primary healthcare. Showcasing her adaptability, Eliza’s focus on evidence-based recommendations and stakeholder engagement was pivotal in driving the change and assuring the project’s success.

As a Clinical Practice Executive at Gidget Foundation Australia, Eliza efficiently managed administrative processes across multiple locations, onboarding and training new staffAmidst a 30% surge in service demand during the COVID-19 pandemic, she co-developed a mental health triage process and integrated telehealth software into service delivery. Eliza also showcased her aptitude for policy advocacy and data translation, developing a strategy for the Gidget Foundation’s 2019 submission to the Federal Productivity Commission of Mental Health. This involved translating complex clinical data for a broader non-academic audience, ensuring that policy recommendations reflected clients’ lived experiences.

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