Project Description

Lauren Grouse

Lauren Grouse

Senior Change Associate

Areas Of Expertise:

  • Organisational Change Management
  • Stakeholder Management
  • SAFE & Scrum Master and Agile Methodologies


  • Bachelor of Arts Degree (Hons), Global Business, Dublin City University and Neoma Business School France

About Lauren Grouse

Lauren joined Seven Consulting’s Sydney team in June 2023. She is a highly motivated individual with a strong grasp of organisational requirements. She excels in stakeholder management, has a talent for directing change initiatives that result in positive outcomes, and demonstrates her ability to deliver results.

What Lauren brings

  • Proven ability to establish successful relationships with key stakeholders including senior management and lead teams including during times of uncertainty to deliver successful customer and business outcomes.
  • SAFE Scrum Master & Agile methodologies training.
  • Critical thinking, planning, time management, analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Quantitative and qualitative data analysis to assess change impact and inform executive decisions making and buy-in for initiatives.

Key Clients:

  • Accenture
  • Buymie
  • Last1 Standing Game

Key Achievements:

As a Management Consultant at Accenture, Lauren worked for one of their key banking clients. The bank undertook a Skills Needs Analysis to identify critical capability gaps within their organisation. Following the analysis, the bank focused on 3 core streams – Build, Borrow and Buy. Working under the Build Stream, Lauren supported the rollout of specialised skills pathways across the organisation to support colleague development. The changes were companywide and affected 10,000 employees, with particular focus on those who had roles that were not deemed future fit, c.2000. The initiative was underpinned by a larger groupwide change initiative of shifting from a mandatory to self-directed learning culture. Lauren redesigned and executed an end-to-end communication and engagement strategy for the Learning team, spanning across 10 different workstreams, to drive the change. She increased colleague adoption by 36% by leveraging digital content such as videos, interactive documents, and design graphics, and analysed data and engagement metrics to assess change impact (open rates, drop off points, adoption.), enabling the team to meet their 2023 Sustainability KPI’s.

As a Management Consultant at Accenture, Lauren supported the groupwide rollout of a new data driven career experience platform for 10,000 colleagues. Lauren supported the project delivery and created collateral (guides, demos & toolkits) to support capability uplift for both colleagues and leaders, measured impact and presented Realtime data to senior stakeholders to drive adoption.

As a Management Consultant at Accenture, Lauren supported the redesign and rollout of a new Performance Achievement framework. She conducted surveys, focus groups and stakeholder 1:1s to collect both qualitative and quantitative data which were then analysed, themed and used to identify drivers for change.

As a Management Consultant at Accenture, Lauren managed multiple project deliveries including early career pipelines, leadership development programs and female accelerator programs, and was responsible for ongoing RAID Logs, Status Reports and Kanban’s.

As an Operations Associate at Buymie, Lauren analysed reports and data to forecast workforce requirements and developed the UK market growth strategy by analysing competitors and pitching to potential partners to advance expansion within Bristol and Leeds. By analysing employee cultural scores, Lauren designed an internal communications strategy that increased engagement and combated employee attrition.

As a Co-Founder, Marketing and Sales Lead at Last1 Standing Game, Lauren created and launched an e-commerce business game. She developed a comprehensive supply chain spanning 8 suppliers across 4 countries. Also, she designed a promotional social media advertising campaign that reached over 60,000 consumers, which increased sales by 11%. She further analysed data to empower decision-making and boost sales, leading to €50,000+ in sales within 12 months of launch. Lauren led international expansion through a strategy that targeted high customer demographics through micro-influencers and social media advertising campaigns (Google ads, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok).

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