Project Description

Andrew Marshall

GM Victoria / Senior Program Director

Areas Of Expertise:

  • Business development and operations
  • Relationship development and management
  • Analysis and communications associated with complex decision making
  • Shaping and delivering strategic change programs
  • M&A integration
  • Team building and support for sustained high performance
  • Negotiation for Win/Win outcomes


  • Bachelor of Business Management (Accounting and Marketing), Monash University
  • Business Analytics: Decision making with Data, Kellog School of Management

About Andrew Marshall

Andrew has worked as the Project Manager/Program Director on dozens of initiatives spanning numerous organisations locally and globally utilising varied delivery methods and resourcing models. He has also led local and global accounts overseeing a large scope of advisory and delivery work and Accenture’s Capital Markets practice for 3 years. Andrew has a record of successfully defining strategies, shaping & delivering change such as core system development or replacement, M&A integration, and digital transformation. Andrew can engage and influence to Board level, has the ability to look forward in support of adjusting delivery levers proactively and has the courage to challenge assumptions, make tough decisions and call out risks/issues as required.

What brings

  • Stakeholder and Program management experience on a wide range of business and technology initiatives.
  • Experience in developing business strategy (i.e., making required decisions), and then developing and executing associated plans to realise targeted value.
  • Ability to build great teams (i.e., what is required for the job and business circumstances at hand), supporting individual accountability & development, along with effective communication at all levels.

Key Clients:

  • Macquarie
  • PEXA
  • ASX
  • BNP Paribas (specifically BNP Paribas Securities Services)
  • Old Mutual (a major UK Wealth business with global headquarters in South Africa)
  • Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)
  • National Mutual/AXA/AMP
  • National Australia Bank (NAB)
  • Others include Multiple Superannuation Funds and Administrators, Toyota, and Pioneer Electronics

Key Achievements:

As Global Client Account Lead for Macquarie, Andrew led a team which grew to 300+ delivery staff across Australia, India, the Philippines and in the US and UK. Andrew built extensive relationships across business, technology and procurement along with numerous vendors.  He oversaw advisory and delivery projects aligned with applicable business unit strategies spanning Risk & Compliance, Data, Security, Pre and Post Deal M&A e.g., a large-scale Asset Management M&A integration, and custom and package delivery e.g., a custom digital front-end development in retail banking and implementation of a package solution for business banking originations.  He also personally worked with the leadership teams at multiple of Macquarie’s invested in companies in areas such as go to market planning.

As Program Director at PEXA, Andrew managed the early stages of their custom developed, first of its kind globally, platform. Andrew successfully led the program through the largest releases to enable the initial implementation of the platform. Andrew subsequently took on the account management role and oversaw 9 years ($100m+) of continued development of the core platform (including the evolution from waterfall to Agile delivery), along with numerous other initiatives e.g., the development of PEXA’s first mobile application.

As Program Director at BNP Paribas, Andrew led a team of ~100, for over 3 years on a program to integrate a business acquired from AMP. Not only was the business being integrated (~500 funds representing ~$100b), BNP were also undertaking a complete transformation of their systems and operations capabilities to both meet the needs of AMP and to position for success with other clients. The program delivered a complete transformation of services, service delivery, pricing and underlying people, processes, and technology.

At Old mutual, a major system re-platforming and outsourcing program was in distress. Andrew was asked to undertake a review and report to the Board. Spanning strategy, planning, financials, resourcing, and execution internally and with the system vendor and outsource provider, the report concluded the program should be stopped despite the significant effort and sunk cost. Andrew worked with individual Board Members (both NEDS and executives), the Risk Committee and overall board to navigate the decision-making process and set a plan for next steps. At Macquarie, Andrew also supported a CIO in a similar review for a HR system replacement.

As Program Director at AXA, among multiple projects over ~ 6years, Andrew co-led a program to develop 14 new investment funds and the associated new Registry system implementation and investment management & business operations. He was responsible for the design of the product, selecting the system and developing the initial releases of that would become the investment and superannuation platform known today as AMP North.

As Program Director at National Mutual, Andrew successfully delivered multiple programs including defining a new operating model for the Customer Service division followed by several associated projects e.g., development of a comprehensive cost model, reengineering incoming and outgoing communications, consolidating two satellite service centres, and implementing new call centre technology.

During a year working in Chicago, Andrew led two internal Accenture projects. The first was the development of a comprehensive financial model for valuing e-commerce businesses. This was used with clients, supported the writing of a book, and evolved into a training program which Andrew led the delivery of to hundreds of people. Andrew also led the development of an asset, later used with companies such as Du Pont, for defining and establishing an e-commerce business incubator.

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