Fast-Track Program

Seven Consulting’s Fast Track program is a fast paced intensive training program where participants can leverage their industry experience whilst solidifying core Project Management and PMO Fundamentals. It is designed for aspiring Project Managers and PMO leads with a depth of industry knowledge and project experience. Fast Track Participants complete a combination of self-paced study, role play, practical activities and learn from the best people. Within 3 months they are filling our client’s needs in PMO and Project Management Roles.

The Fast Track program is an excellent opportunity to join Seven Consulting and be part of our continued growth and success.

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Fast-Track Program Goals

Fast-Track Training Plan

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Our Fast-Track Team Members

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What Our Fast-Track Team Members Say

It is a very rare in your career that you get the opportunity to change industries and to focus solely on studying whilst obtaining industry experience for a 3 month block. Being a part of Seven’s Fast Track Program provided me the opportunity to meet regularly with the best in the industry. Seven fosters a culture where staff are encouraged to share their invaluable knowledge and mentor which as a newbie is an amazing and unique experience.

Anna Linfield-Kent, Senior PMO Consultant

For anyone who is looking to transition into PMO and Project Management, I think the Fast Track program is a great way to do so even if experience is limited. The Fast Track program was great for me to challenge my current knowledge and learn from so many experienced and accomplished people. There is a very supportive culture that encourages growth and knowledge sharing all while performing at the highest standards. There are so many things here you can learn that other accreditations or bodies of knowledge can’t teach you.

Eugene O'Connell, Project Manager
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