Project Description


Bhavna Gupta

Senior Change Associate

Areas Of Expertise:

  • Organisational Change Management
  • Strategic Human Resources
  • Organisational Culture Change
  • Data Analysis
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Project Management


  • Master of Human Resources Management Organisational Psychology, University of Pune
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Management – Finance
  • Bachelor of Business Administration– Finance, Sardar Patel University


Bhavna has spent 2 years as a Change Manager and Strategic Human Resource Consultant, leading HR transformation projects and ensuring effective change outcomes. She has a proven history of optimising resource allocation, improving performance, fostering collaboration and consensus, and cultivating robust client and team connections. Additionally, Bhavna’s work experience spans three countries, providing her with a global perspective. She joined Seven Consulting’s Change Management Melbourne team in July 2023.

What brings

  • Experienced in the HR Transformation project lifecycle as well as change management for HR Management Systems (Workday, BambooHR, Success Factors, UKG).
  • Proven success in end-to-end change management, including strategy development, adoption planning and aligning the organisation with its strategy.
  • Excellent people management skills and experienced in data analysis (research, analysis, simplifying big and complex change data).

Key Clients:

  • BlueScope Steel Limited
  • Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Ltd.
  • The HRFly
  • The Blackstone Group
  • Moelis & Company
  • Deloitte

Key Achievements:

As the Communication Lead for BlueScope Steel Limited, Bhavna supported the global launch of a new learning experience platform (LXP) with a high-level Communications Plan and critical go-live change communications that increased stakeholders’ engagement, reinforced the benefits of new platform, created awareness about the future releases and functionalities, as well as provided an action plan to embed the change.

As Change Manager for Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Ltd., Bhavna supported their HRIS transformation: SAP HCM migration, merge, separation and implementation. She worked on change related strategies: communication, learning interventions, leadership engagement, employee experience, stakeholder’s management, mitigating change risks, analysis and optimum minimisation of change resistance.

As Change Manager and Strategic HR Consultant for HRFly, Bhavna enabled comprehensive change management by tailoring change solutions, managing user acceptance testing, conducting risk-benefit analysis, and emphasising an outcome-driven approach. She developed a Change Management Strategy and associated plans (change communication, leadership engagement, change adoption workshops, change assessments) and contributed to Learning & Development by performing training need analysis through competency mapping, identifying knowledge gaps, charting, and achieving training objectives and capability development. In addition, Bhavna have collaborated across functions to align stakeholders and their objectives with a common goal, ensuring the successful achievement of change outcomes. Seamlessly ntegrated change into regular business operations by employing metrics to monitor progress, adoption, and sustainability. She transformed complex change impact data into actionable business readiness activities and learning interventions.

As a Senior Project/Change Consultant for Blackstone Group, Bhavna developed and implemented the Change Management Strategy and Plan for the large-scale Tax Technology Transformation initiative. She focused on streamlining technology-based applications and enhancing digital capabilities to drive efficiency and effectiveness. Bhavna established workshops to propose solutions to streamline data management, analytics and reporting capabilities. She implemented effective strategies and methodologies to manage and mitigate the risks associated with this technological transformation.

As a Senior Consultant for Moelis & Company, Bhavna collected business requirements from both internal and external stakeholders to identify opportunities to automate tax tools and for Process Reengineering. She led the implementation efforts and collaborated with development teams to provide expertise on internally developed tax toolsShe implemented project management best practices to enhance efficiency (incidents of missing milestone/ delivery deadline decreased by 30%), resulting in a streamlined state tax compliance cycle involving multiple teams and workstreams. Bhavna ensured the timely delivery of all project milestones within approved budgets and compliance processes. Also, she created dashboards and roadmaps to monitor project’s progress and implementation. Developed training materials, user guides, and process documentation.

As a Senior Consultant for Deloitte, Bhavna planned, designed, and successfully implemented the Organisational Change initiative of adopting a new Performance Management system (change impacted 1,000 + employees). She conducted a comprehensive analysis to understand the reasons, drivers, and potential benefits of the proposed changes. Undertook stakeholder analysis and developed tailored communication and engagement plans to involve them throughout the change journey. Addressed any gap or resistance proactively after change readiness assessment. Developed and implemented a detailed roadmap with clear milestones, activities, and resource allocation for a structured and phased approach to the change process. She has led the change initiatives to bring the desired cultural shift in the organisation with the lens of diversity and inclusion.

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